Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for Appliance and HVAC Repairs

Limited Warranty:  Diagnostic Fee is guaranteed for thirty (30) days from date of original diagnosis.  If repairs are not made within that 30 day period, the diagnostic fee will not be applied to the repair labor.


Labor is guaranteed for ninety (90) days from date of original repair or installation for appliances and one (1) year for heating and air conditioning.  No labor warranty applies to unrelated/new repairs on the same appliance or HVAC equipment within that time frame.


Part warranty is limited to and does not exceed the warranty period provided by the part manufacturer and may be replaced one (1) time at no charge during that period due to manufacturer defect only.  If repair failure occurs as the result of neglect or an action or failure of another part, no guarantee applies.


ASAP Appliance Service, Inc. (Seller) makes no other warranties, express or implied, and its agents or technicians are not authorized to make any such warranties on behalf of Seller.  This warranty applies only to equipment, parts or materials supplied by Seller.  Seller does not warranty parts provided by Customer or a 3rd party.


Payment Responsibility:  It is agreed that the Seller will retain ownership of all equipment, parts or materials furnished for this repair until payment is made in full to Seller.  If payment is not made as agreed, Seller has the right to remove said equipment, parts or materials and will not be held responsible for any damages resulting from the removal.  Seller may also choose to put a mechanics lien in place for the unpaid balance plus lien processing fees.  All credit cards and checks provided for payment must be valid at the time of service.  When applicable, there will a $50 returned check fee.  Seller reserves the right to forward any uncollectible debt to a collection agency.


Parts Return:  All parts ordered for repairs will be returned to the manufacturer if left unscheduled or unclaimed for twenty (20) days from delivery date to Seller.  Customer accepts responsible for all restocking fees that may occur in the return of unclaimed parts.


Freon Recharge:  If a freon/refrigerant recharge is needed, then your HVAC system already has a failure in the sealed system and may leak again.  Freon/refrigerant installed during a repair has no warranty.  If freon/refrigerant leaks out within thirty (30) days of date of recharge, the labor paid for the freon recharge is applicable as a discount to the leak repair, if repair is possible, or replacement of the HVAC system.

Terms and Conditions for Appliance Replacement


    1. ‘Total Estimate’ does not include the possible necessary replacement of the water, gas, copper connection parts, power cords, outlets and/or venting as they apply to the installation of the appliance. If any additional parts are needed, their cost plus tax will be added to the ‘Total Estimate’ above.


    1. By authorizing, I am accepting this Estimate as described above, acting as or on behalf of the Owner.


    1. FOR ALL APPROVED ESTIMATES OVER $500: I understand that payment is due within invoice terms (Net 15th of next month) as stated on the final invoice.  Please confirm/reserve funds for immediate payment or Owner may provide Visa or Master card with estimate approval.


    1. I understand and accept, this Estimate is valid for 30 days from the “Date of Estimate” above. Prices are subject to change after 30 days.


    1. The Trip and Diagnostic fee is waived if the estimate is approved within 30 days from “Date of Estimate”. If this Estimate is approved after 30 days, a Trip and Diagnostic fee will be added to the “Total Estimate” amount.


  1. If this order is cancelled, by part or whole, following approval and the item(s) ordered have been received, there will be a 20% restocking fee to return the item(s) cancelled.